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Kitten Agreement

Example of our Pet Kitten agreement


  1. The purchaser has examined the kitten and accepts that it is in apparent good health.
  2. To get the kitten examined by a vet within 48 hours of purchase (at the buyers own cost). Should any health problems be found at this stage you have the option to return the kitten for a full refund. We cannot be held responsible for any health problems that arise after this time or be held responsible for any vet fees for this or future visits.
  3. To ensure the kitten/cat has regular check-ups and boosters as required by your vet.
  4. To undertake to keep the kitten as a household pet only.
  5. Not under any circumstances whatsoever to use the kitten for breeding or allow the kitten to breed with any other cat of the same or a different species, neither will the Purchaser allow any such use to be made of the kitten by any other party.
  6. Not to re-sell or re-home the cat/kitten without our consent. You  have the option to return the cat/ kitten to us if it is no longer wanted for any reason, but we cannot refund any purchase costs.  If our consent is given to re-sell and the purchaser transfers the kitten to a third party the Purchaser undertakes to obtain from the third party a covenant in similar terms to those contained herein.
  7. That the kitten will be neutered by a Veterinary Surgeon/Practitioner, before attaining the age of eight months. He/she will produce to the Vendor a Certificate from the Veterinary Surgeon stating that this has been carried out. Once this has been received your GCCF pink slip will be released to you.
  8. In the event of any these covenants being breached the Vendor shall have the right to repossess legally the kitten and to be reimbursed by the Purchaser the reasonable cost of such repossession and the keeping of such kitten for a period of up to two months after repossession. Such costs to include Veterinary examination and fees.

AS WITNESS the hands of the parties.


Vendor                                                                                    Purchaser

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