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We don't  have any planned litters for 2020

My name is Karen I am based in Kent.  I always wanted a Ragdoll ever since I first saw an article and a photo in a cat magazine many many years ago, they just shout "cuddle me".   I got my first Ragdoll in 2006 and fell so in love with the breed that I decided that I wanted to breed them. They really are so enchanting.  I now have 4 breeding girls, a neutered Girl and two beautiful castrated boy and they are all very special.


I only allow my girls to have one litter of kittens a year, this is because they are my pets first and breeding girls second. I am a member of The Progressive Ragdoll cat club and I abide by the GCCF guidelines.

I breed for health and temperament.  All my cats are regularly Vet checked, wormed, flea treated and tested for Fel/Fiv.  They have also been tested for the known HCM Gene.

The kittens are all born in house and are extremely pampered.  None of our cats live outside. 


For those who don't already know the Ragdoll breed originated from Riverside, California in the early 1960's,  with the first Ragdolls being breed by a lady by the name of Ann Baker.  Ragdolls make ideal house companions as they are gentle, quiet and docile.  Their sweet nature and laid back attitude is truly endearing.   They thrive on human company and love interactive play. As they are semi-long haired they do not need as much grooming as many other  long haired cats.



Please note that due to the nature of the breed I would prefer not sell someone a single kitten if he/she will be home alone during the day, I will however be happy to sell you a pair of kittens with a small reduction in the price. I also have the right to refuse to sell a kitten to any potential purchasers if I do not feel they are suitable.


But be warned Ragdolls really are addictive!

We sometimes have kittens available to forever loving homes



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